Well, have you ever wondered about the nature of space? The nature of time? Creation of the cosmos? Then I passionately recommend you to read Stannard Russell: The end of discovery. It is really worth reading if you are interested into an explanation of modern physics in EASY words. String theory included!

For example, one chapter deals with the nature of time. Stannard Russell asks: “But are we right in saying that there are two types of time, one physical, the other mental?”… and later: ‘Good. I’m confused; everyone is confused. Welcome to the club!‘ The only people who are happy with the concept of time are those who have not thought deeply enough about it.”

I think that his comments on the ongoing debates are hilarious. Stannard Russell is particle physicist. Well, I do not get paid for this advertisement. I just deeply admire Russell’s ability to write about hard sciences in a very entertaining way.

Further chapters of the book are on:

1) brain and consciousness
2) creation of the cosmos
3) laws of nature

7) the nature of space
8) space in relation to time
9) the nature of time

11) the quantum world
12) quantum gravity and string theory

Enjoy reading!