How embarrassing. It is really a shame. One year of reading books, going into movie theaters, hearing or playing music pieces, talking to people, inhaling scientific articles, visiting places, staying in a monastery…and I just forget.

Yes, I saw this movie from Woody, that other from Polanski, also Jim Jarmusch… sometimes went into movies twice a week – simply forgot all…read this fantastic books about “True professionalism”, some other about “Possibilities”, “Resilient leadership”…something terrifying by Paul Auster, Bukowski…something great by Ian McEwan – oh yes: “The sweet tooth”… then this lady Nobel prize winner with her short stories… read articles by Hannes Leitgeb about “belief revision”… also some other philosopher Kevin Kelly… heuristics…also the psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer…rediscovered the sex scene “Fuck me” with William Dafoe – what a great actor! – read books about Accounting, Microeconomics, Valuation of Companies…read books about the art of negotiations…rediscovered Schnittke’s choral “The Master of All Living Things” and the classic Bach piece “Ich steh an Deiner Krippe hier”…forgot for sure more than half of all masterpieces that I would need to mention here – well… and now, 2014 is ahead! So what?

Stop reading? Refuse to go to the movies? Stop doing anything? – just stay in your bed and sleep. …I wonder what other remedies one could think of.