Murder in Buenos Aires – SMML 2

The man, most probably with billions and billions on dozens of bank accounts, all over the world – stared at the gun. “This must be a present from my friend Julio”, he started to talk again. “Come on, tell me at least, who the fuck sent you – was this fucking Julio? Or who the fuck…” -he could not complete the sentence. John calmly pulled the trigger and shot a bullet through the man’s forehead. The man fell to the back, and blood came out of a small wound between the brows, nothing else – a silent death.
John closed the eyelids of the dead body with his silicone gloves. No traces, no noises. However, when he looked around in the room for a final check, and wanted to finish-off his 255th job routinely, he noticed two irregularities. First, there was this smell. He could not help but feel the smell of a female body next to the dead body – or at least the smell of a female perfume – as if a female body had been lying next to the man just before John had entered the room. In addition, John could not even think about what the second irregularity was. It was a feeling, just a suspicion, nothing tangible. The feeling, that someone or something was watching him.
John leaned over, right next to the dead man, and inhaled the smell. He felt dizzy right away. The sweet scent rose to his mind and turned him on at the same time. The pillows needed to come close to his face, he embraced them and buried his nose into the smell. “I need to jerk off” – he thought. “If this is the smell of a woman, I need to either fuck her or perish.” In this very moment, it knocked at the door.