Murder in Buenos Aires – SMML 3

“Shit” – John forced himself to tear away from the pillows, and the scent. He silently slipped away from the bed and stood up. “Hello, room service. Hello?”, a woman said with a rolling “r” and strong Spanish accent and knocked again at the door.
John knew that he had exactly 10 seconds to either reply or leave the room – then the maid would open the door with her room key. He moved with two large steps to the balcony door and decided to leave. The escape route was simple, the same way that he had taken to come in. In the same moment that he closed the glass balcony door behind him, the room door was opened and a neat Argentinian maid in a white dress entered the room. “She will experience the most shocking sight of her life”, John thought, “in five seconds when you find the shot man. May God help you.” He slipped away from the balcony – and again, there was the irregular feeling that he could not explain, neither clearly capture in his mind.

When he turned away from the glass, from the corner of his eye, he saw how the bathroom door was opened and a female hand appeared in the frame.