The Wolf of Wall Street – a slating review by RT

You can read about Jordan Belfort piece by piece in Wikipedia and then decide if that life is exciting enough for you to see the movie. Sorry to say, it is full of people using the f*** word 522 times, enjoying cheating others and themselves with the help of sex, drugs and the so called high life.

Hollywood is shocked, but provides the golden globe awards to DiCaprio as the best actor in a comedy. Good acting yes, but funny, no. Oh, yes there are scenes where the audience breaks out in laughter, when the guys are pumped so full of dangerous drugs that they are performing circus acts of artistry and clowning, such as the scene when Belfort is totally stoned looking over the wall of the country club wall entrance and then stumbling down the stairs towards his supercar, pitiful yes, funny no.

There are a few memorable scenes in the movie such as the last shot, where our friend is again in front of an audience in awe, asking them to sell him a pen, which of course none of them is able to. However, they are ready to buy whatever the con-artist is offering them. I am sure , there are more of those precious little pieces, once you look carefully, after all Scorsese is an experienced filmmaker, but that does not justify to see anything of that again, after I, all was ready to leave already after one hour, staying only because I was invited by friends to join them.

Will this story wake us up and invest more carefully in the future?  I am afraid not…..but if it only hit 10% it may help. It will certainly impress us one more time that those stockbrokers are damned crooks, which of course a good part of them are not. Like any other Wall Street drama and/or movie it is only a little part of the larger story of financial capitalism, which is colorful, complicated and callous. By now, we have plenty of evidence that the over-expansion of Wall Street has hurt Main Street seriously for decades, in one of which we are right now. Yet we seem unable to tame that beast and let its excesses play out in a Circus Ring of Speculators, well fenced and separated from the real flows of economic life.

One thing is sure, our last crisis has given us much better real stories than this one, and I hope some of the filmmakers feel encouraged to show us those ones.