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Murder in Buenos Aires – SMMGL 1

The man knew that this was his end. He was clear and composed, and observed John, who walked calmly through the room with his gun, touching the newspaper on the sideboard. “So this was it”, the man said. He sat naked in his bed. “I know that I did fucking shit in my life. I fucked around with too many people, too many Russians, mafia from China, Italy and Mexico….” John watched the man through the eye slits of his silicone mask and did not say a word. “Now you come here and are looking like fucking Antonio Banderas. I hate it. A fucking mixture between Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem”, the man said. “This is definitely the least I wanted to experience – dying through the fucking hand of fucking Antonio Banderas”. The man laughed bitterly. It was not only a funny joke that John had chosen this mask that made him look like an Argentinian gaucho. Instead, in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, this appearance was the most unobtrusive.
“Fucking shit – at least tell me who sent you. My latest friend from Italy? Or China? You are about the fucking age of my son. Who sends you?”
– “Stay calm – I don’t even know you or your billionaire friends from Italy. God sends me”, John replied.
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
– “I will tell you.”
John took a seat on the bedside of the man. He felt like a father who tried to calm down his kid that does not want to sleep. In his right hand, he felt the coolness and weight of his gun and the black and long silencer on top of it.
At the end, you murder // You have a force that no one can understand // At the end you murder what you created // Beyond any human comprehension // I want to – and cannot – defend // You love and will murder me, at the end“, John murmured calmly and raised the gun.



At the end, you murder

You have a force that no one can understand

At the end you murder what you created

Beyond any human comprehension

I want to – and cannot – defend

You love and will murder me, at the end

Let me quickly review my reading and entertainment with Chad Harbach ‘s US-bestseller “The art of fielding.”

Get ready. The first 20 pages I thought the story was going to be boring, but then it started off:

While Henry, the gifted, pale, thin baseball talent plays in perfection (in the beginning of the story), after 20 pages he starts to fail as hell. His college roommate, Owen, smashed by one of Henry’s ricochet shots into the face needs  to be taken to hospital. There, Owen’s mother falls in love with the president of the college. The president falls in love with Owen. Henry’s best friend, Schwartzy, falls in love with Pella, the daughter of the president. In the meanwhile, the president and Owen are having a sexual and intellectual love affair and Henry and Schwartzy start to fight  with each other. The daughter of the president start to fight with Schwartzy as well. Henry moves in with the daughter of the president, sleeps with her and becomes anorexic…

At the end, one of them is dead:

  • Owen or
  • The president or
  • The president’s daughter or
  • Schwartzy or
  • Henry ?

I won’t tell.

However, the remaining four will, drunk and at night, exhume the dead body and sink it in the lake in front of the college.

Wow! What a story.

My personal remark: the chaos of erotic interplay and love circles reminded me of “Reigen” (“La Ronde” by Arthur Schnitzler). The language is very light and readable, it has an entertaining flow and flashy affinity with the writing of genius David Foster Wallace. (However, much less chaotic than Wallace’s style!)

So, do not be afraid that “The art of fielding” has 500 pages!
You’ll get through it very quickly.

Enjoy reading!

Today let me briefly recall the (rather short) novel written by Gabriel García Márquez.

It is lovely and poetic. From my perspective it tells a story about human judgement, love…

For you was I born, for you do I have life, for you will I die, for you am I now dying

…weakness, the fear of people who seem to be different (people claim that the small girl, Maria, is possessed by the devil)…

Sometimes we attribute certain things we do not understand to the demon, not thinking they may be things of God that we do not understand.

…the love despite of any fear

Do not allow me to forget yo

…and faith:

What is essential, therefore, is not that you no longer believe, but that God continues to believe in you.

However, at the end the human failure wins over. The 32-years old priest, Cayetano, who loves the little girl does not dare to completely conquer his fear and fails to save her. She dies due to the exorcist’s treatment.

I like the poetic style by Márquez when he writes about feelings. For me it is quite terrifying that this type of stigmatization was nothing special in the end of the 18th century, when this story takes place.

Crazy people are not crazy if one accepts their reasoning

Maybe it is even more terrifying that there are still very rigid forms of government, societies and groups of human people who like to stigmatize. Maybe our human brain just likes to stigmatize? What do you think?

However, apart from these political or psychological questions which came into my mind while reading, this novel is a light, short, enjoyable and poetic narration about love, fear and faith.

Enjoy reading!